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I am ICF accredited, trauma-informed, a survivor advocate, and I specialize in faith de/reconstruction. I use the iEQ9/Enneagram as a licensed practitioner.

Faith exists when our path is not clear. Use my coaching prompts to find your path forward and know that you are not alone!

In our online group we journey without judgment. Join us! We wrestle with theology, learn from one another, and nurture a safe and inclusive community.

My name is Stacey Wynn

I am a Professional Certified Coach who specializes in life and faith transitions.

Coaching turns complexity into clarity.

As a trauma-informed coach and survivor of emotional and spiritual abuse, I personally understand the power of coaching. 

I bring a unique background to my private practice:

  • I am a corporate leader and have built my career on the foundation of empowering and equipping others to step into their unique strengths and  purpose.

  • In 2021 I became a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the ICF. 

  • After leaving a destructive marriage in 2017, I continue to work as a survivor advocate and have coached for 5+ years inside survivor communities.

  • As part of my faith journey I earned a Master of Divinity with a concentration in church and ministry leadership. I understand evangelicalism, and continue to nurture an affirming, egalitarian theological approach to spiritual formation.

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Shelley D.

Stacey helped me realize unhealthy patterns in my relationships. This empowered me to leave a controlling relationship and equipped me to interact with my family members in a positive and authentic way."

Sarah B.

"Stacey brings an extraordinary combination of experience, wisdom, deep empathy and skill to her coaching. Whether my challenges were with my career, relationships or faith journey, she always met me exactly where I was, and helped me determine exactly what I needed to do."

Jeff B.

"Stacey has the keen ability to quickly establish trust with her clients. She intuitively offered strategic and tactical feedback that was practical and shared “out of the box” approaches. I always learned something and had critical takeaways to apply. I could not have asked for a better coach."

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