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PCC (Professional Certified Coach), 11/2021


Pursuing Master of Divinity (M.Div.) with Leadership Specialization Liberty University (05/2022)

Bachelor of Science (BS), Economics | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Stacey Wynn is an author, conference speaker, entrepreneur and small group leader who equips women for ministry.  She brings clarity and empowerment to women of faith nationwide.

With her corporate leadership background, experience as a mother, an entrepreneur, small group leader, and non-profit ministry director, Stacey is uniquely positioned to connect with women of all ages and backgrounds.


Most recently, she planned the first annual city-wide Common Ground Conference for women of faith (see the 2019 recap video here: 

Stacey is pursuing a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) with a Leadership Specialization.


As a people manager and certified facilitator for both the MBTI and TotalSDI personality and behavior assessments, she empowers women by helping them recognize their strengths, competencies, and spiritual gifts.


Clarity Unleashed is a concept that starts with personal development and leads to equipping women to boldly walk out their God-given purpose in all aspects of their lives (families, communities, ministries, and churches). 

Available through for:

Speaking Engagements - Private Groups - Conferences - Workshops



Workshops - Retreats - Conference Messages


"Stacey left a destructive marriage and now advocates for women who experience any form of abuse.


Many women who have left abusive marriages and other relationships feel disconnected from church and ministry. Stacey enters that conversation in a bold way, with personal experience of seeing how "deconstruction" leads to even stronger faith in God.

With her background, education and experience, Stacey can prepare workshops, retreats, and conference messages."


Topics can include:

The Power of Diversity in the Body of Christ:

Ephesians 4 is a powerful representation of a healthy body. Christian communities are at their best when diversity is valued. Stacey ties this passage back to spiritual gifts, the Shema, the greatest commandments, and how we view our identities through the filter of Christ as opposed to worldly categorization.The best communities are ethnically-rich, generationally connected, and powered by God-given purpose and spiritual gifts.

Daughters of God: What does it mean to be a daughter of God? Starting with Genesis, Stacey shows the power of the Hebrew language as humankind became man and woman. Women are traced through the Old and New Testament, including Eve, Deborah, Abigail, the Samaritan Woman, and Lydia. Knowing more about our spiritual mothers helps us understand how God utilizes women in the church - then and now.


This is a hot topic today and can be confusing. Our Christian heritage is based on asking God questions. Throughout scripture we see men and women asking God and Jesus tough questions. Somehow today many see asking questions as a sign of decreased faith. God is in the tension - so let's meet Him there. This is a great topic for Q&A and will attract women inside and outside of the church walls and Stacey will role model how to be curious and supportive of others by listening and standing on the foundation of our common ground - faith in Jesus Christ.

How to Study the Bible

What tips and tricks can we provide to help women at any level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) take the next step forward in their personal study? Stacey breaks down Bible translations and tools that will build confidence and lead to personal growth and discipleship.

Common Ground

Hear more about the ministry movement growing in Jacksonville, FL and how to replicate it in your city. started with a vision of women of all ages gathering outside the walls of their churches. Common Ground unites Christian women from all denominations and backgrounds and serves to strengthen and empower women to positively impact their churches and ministries. By featuring local speakers and leaders, community is strengthened, diversity is fostered, relationships are built, and women gain confidence in speaking to their sisters in Christ about the difficult challenges they face in their lives. 

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