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santa rotc

I heard an ornament fall off my tree this morning and found this little Santa broken open with its contents on the floor. Sort of a strange thing to see, isn’t it? I’ve had this ornament since right after college and all those pins were insignia from my UT Chattanooga Army ROTC uniform. They represent a dream I had that was broken apart, much like this little Santa ornament.

I put these pins into the ornament 25 years ago, so I could remember them every year at Christmas. Maybe each year, some wholeness might be restored to my broken dream. As I type this, I still have tears in my eyes which is strange, because you’d think I’d be over it by now! But it’s more joy than regret, thanks to God’s message to me over the past year. You see, I thought He’d abandoned me, but He was with me all along. And that dream He’d given me? He fulfilled it in a way I could not expect.

I have some of this story in my podcast (episode 3) if you’d like to hear more. 

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