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Updated: Mar 24, 2022

I’ve been pretty quiet on social media these past few years about my marriage & separation. Today my divorce is final and I’m thankful to have closure.

This experience has been many things. Through it all, I’ve seen God’s faithfulness and provision. It’s a testimony I will never tire from telling.

🦋I’ve made countless new girlfriends from around the world who connected because we share a similar testimony. I’m beyond grateful for you, and your willingness to share, validate, educate and pray.

🦋I’m so thankful for my family. My mom especially, who just listened, rolled with my emotions, and always encouraged me to keep moving ahead.

🦋My friends- you guys are the best. I’d be lost without you.

Some major lessons I've learned:

  1. It’s impossible to maintain facades. Speak your truth and let that help you identify healthy and unhealthy relationships. Don’t give up your voice.

  2. Prioritize your relationship with God as #1. Read Scripture. Pray. Be silent. Listen. God provides the solid foundation you need to sort the rest out.

  3. Be willing to make changes, even when it’s hard.

  4. Tear down your idols!

  5. Your testimony is yours to share. Honor God when you tell it. He will use you to bring healing to others, and it’s amazing to be part of His process.

  6. You can’t control others. If you’re like me, you can make a list of the things you want the other person to change, but refuse to see the things you need to address in yourself.

Last month, Lisa Hentrich published my story on her site. It’s the first time I wrote something for public view. Probably not the last. Life After Death of a Marriage

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