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To My Complementarian Sisters

I believe women can and should hold all positions of leadership in the church. I also ache for women who find themselves toeing the line of complementarian theology, finding that it’s a glass ceiling based solely on gender. The patriarchy that is “complementarity” is shining through and burning women who are playing by the rules.

These women aren’t pastoring, they aren’t asking to be placed in church leadership positions. Yet the same men who have said they protect and uphold their sisters are now flinging mud on them and disrespecting them publicly.

I know they feel betrayed by the men they thought were their spiritual leaders and protectors. I do ache for them and pray that the same light that is illuminating this darkness will show them a new path forward.

Let’s remind ourselves – in John 4, who had the longest documented theological conversation with Jesus? He crossed ethnic, political, and gender boundaries to engage and empower…. who? Who did He prepare and release to evangelize the town, bringing many to be taught and saved?

May we all recall the theologian and evangelist, the Samaritan Woman.

May we also recall the first European convert and church builder, Lydia. May we also recall the first witness to the Resurrection, Mary Magdalene.

Let’s just step into their shoes, sisters, and keep marching forward in truth, wisdom, and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

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