SYMBIS Remarriage Coaching

Are you a woman of faith who is entering into remarriage following a destructive marriage? I'm glad you're here. 


I know you understand the importance of remarriage coaching following a destructive relationship. That is why I pursued SYMBIS certification. I myself am twice-divorced, which undoubtedly carries a stigma in some Christian circles. But yet, here I am


Why? I believe that healthy marriages are possible! I understand in ways some coaches do not, the importance of entering into a remarriage with your eyes, ears, and hearts wide-open.


Know that my Remarriage Coaching Program differs from traditional evangelical and complementarian models.


I believe women and men are made in the image of God,

equally created as spiritual leaders and partners

in the work of ministry and marriage.

My curriculum is for you if:


  • You believe in mutuality in marriage and want to build your relationship without gender hierarchy and strictly gender-based roles. 

  • You have been in unhealthy or destructive relationships in the past and want to establish and benefit from healthy boundaries within your marriage and family.

Participating in a pre-marriage coaching program drastically improves the health and longevity of your relationship. Most programs address components of marriage such as Family Dynamics, Finances, Communication, and Conflict.  SYMBIS also includes Faith, Community, and Spiritual Development.

The Remarriage Coaching Program has a customizable schedule, based on your needs. My suggestion is to approach it as an 8-week program. We will meet weekly for 1/2 hour via Zoom.

Sample Report

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