SYMBIS Pre-Marital Coaching

Some people might say I have no business in the pre-marital coaching space. I am twice-divorced, which undoubtedly carries a stigma in some Christian circles. But yet, here I am


Why? I believe in healthy marriages. My personal experience has not made me bitter. I understand in ways some coaches do not, the importance of entering into this commitment with your eyes, ears, and hearts wide-open.


Who enters into marriage anticipating its demise? Healthy, trusting, and committed partnerships are what we envision when we tie the knot.


Participating in a premarital coaching program drastically improves the health and longevity of marriage. Most programs address components of marriage such as Family Dynamics, Finances, Communication, and Conflict. 

As a Christian, you want more than just the traditional components. You want to discuss Faith, Community, and Spiritual Development. But this is where my program differs from traditional evangelical models.


I believe women and men are made

in the image of God, equally created as

spiritual leaders and partners in the work of ministry and marriage.

If you believe in mutuality in marriage and want to build your relationship without gender hierarchy and strictly gender-based roles, 

My curriculum is for you.

If you have been in unhealthy or destructive relationships in the past and want to establish and benefit from healthy boundaries within your marriage and family,

My curriculum is for you.

And if you consider yourself a follower of Christ but have questions about your faith journey or feel disconnected from traditional church/communities of faith for any reason,

My curriculum is for you.

Let's get started with a pre-marital coaching program that will cover both the traditional topics you expect AND Scriptural foundations that sustain a healthy, mutually-affirming marriage.

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